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BBCOR Baseball Bats

For the 2012 High School Baseball season, high school players will need to use a new type of bat-a BBCOR certified baseball bat. This season is the first year for the new high school BBCOR bat rule. If your bat doesn't have the BBCOR logo on it, it can't be used. All of the bats below are BBCOR certified and have the BBCOR logo making them legal for the 2012 season. Got a Question about BBCOR, call us at 888-854-2287!

BESR bats that are illegal in the NCAA will be illegal for high school play as well beginning in 2012. We’ve selected a range of high quality bats from trusted brands that you can use for both high school and collegiate play. Choose from brands like DeMarini, Louisville Slugger, Combat, Easton, Rawlings and Worth. All of these BBCOR certified bats – from the handle to the top of the barrel - are made from the best composite weave and high performance aluminum out there. You’ll be getting excellent stability and consistency in each swing, while enjoying the dampening of the vibration with every follow-through. We even carry extended barrel sizes for those players that give players a bigger hitting zone and a bigger barrel.
Home > BBCOR Baseball Bats for High School and College

BBCOR Baseball Bats for High School and College - Inset
BBCOR Baseball Bats for High School and College