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Equipment Bags

When you play a sport such as baseball or softball, you need a lot of gear such as bats, ball gloves, cleats, batting helmets, equipment bags and much more. To store and transport all of that gear you need a great equipment bag that is up for the challenge. Fortunately, manufacturers provide a variety of baseball equipment bags and softball equipment bags ranging from players bags to hold all of the important gear a player has, to catchers gear bags which are larger bags with wheels to carry all of a catcher’s gear, to team gear bags which are designed to handle all of the team’s equipment. We at HQ4SPORTS have a huge selection of equipment bags for all of your needs and also offer team pricing on bags as well. Get the equipment bag you need for the game you love today at HQ4SPORTS.
Louisville Slugger Deluxe EBDWL Wheeled Equipment Bag
Rawlings Workhorse Deluxe Roller Equipment / Catcher's Gear Bag Model WHWB2
Rawlings Ball Bag RBALLB
Wilson A9779 Umpire Bag on Wheels
Louisville Slugger HB12HQ Hanging Helmet Bag
Louisville Slugger HB1 Hanging Bat Bag
Mizuno Organzier Coaches Bucket G2 - 360157
Rawlings - PPWB - Player Preferred Wheeled Bag
All-Star Player's Field Bag BBPRO2 Personal Equipment Bag
All-Star Roller Bag BBPRO2RB Wheeled Catcher's Equipment Bag
Mizuno Organizer G3 Batpack 360161 Personal Equipment Batpack
Easton Team Duffel A163120 Team Player Bag
Wilson Wheeled Catcher's Gear Bag WTA9716
Wilson Catcher's Gear Bag WTA9706 Equipment Bag
DeMarini Vendetta WTA9405 Wheeled Personal Equipment Bag
Wilson Pudge WTA9702 Catcher's Wheeled Equipment Bag
All-Star Team Bag BB6006 Team Equipment Bag
All-Star Pro Bag BBPRO1 Personal Equipment Bag
Rawlings Duffle COVERT Covert Duffle Bag
DeMarini WTA9423 Black OPS Wheeled Bag
DeMarini WTA9421 Black OPS Backpack
Mizuno Classic 360171 Personal Wheeled Equipment Bag
Wilson Bag WTA970420 Individual Player's Bag
Louisville Slugger Deluxe Hoss LDHB Wheeled Equipment Bag
Easton A163143 Team Hanging Helmet Bag SE
Easton A163142 Team Hanging Bat Bag SE
Easton A163220 Coach's Bucket Cover SE
Easton Walk-Off II A163210 Bat Pack
Easton Walk-Off A163134 Wheeled Equipment Bag
Easton Walk-Off SL A163214 Wheeled Equipment Bag
Mizuno 360172 Coaches Briefcase
Mizuno 360168 Coaches Backpack
Under Armour UACEB-1RB Pro Wheeled Catching Equipment Bag
Under Armour UACEB-1 Pro Catching Equipment Bag
Rawlings BKPK Baseball Backpack
Easton E900C Series A163010 Wheeled Catchers Equipment Bag
Easton E500W Series A163070 Wheeled Personal Equipment Bag
Easton E500P Series A163009 Personal Equipment Backpack
Easton E200P Series A163008 Personal Equipment Backpack
Easton Typhoon Tote A163209 Personal Equipment Bag
Worth BRIGADE Player Wheeled Equipment Bag
Mizuno MP Elite Wheeled Bag 360177 Team Equipment Bag
Mizuno MX 360178 Equipment Wheel Bag
Mizuno Samurai 4 360179 Catcher’s Wheel Bag
Mizuno Swagger 360180 Wheel Bag
Mizuno Prospect 360187 Equipment Wheel Bag
Mizuno Unit 360169 Team Duffel Bag
Mizuno Vapor 2 360184 Personal Batpack
Louisville Slugger Series 9 RIG EBS914-RG Wheeled Player Bag
Louisville Slugger Series 9 Catch-All EBS914-CA Wheeled Catcher's Gear Bag
Louisville Slugger Series 9 Ton EBS914-TN Wheeled Team Gear Bag
Louisville Slugger Series 9 Stick Pack EBS914-SP Player Bat Pack
Louisville Slugger Series 7 Rig EBS714-RG Wheeled Player Bag
Louisville Slugger Series 7 Ton EBS714-TN Wheeled Team Gear Bag
Louisville Slugger Series 7 Stick Pack EBS714-SP Player Bat Pack
Louisville Slugger Series 5 RIG EBS514-RG Wheeled Player Bag
Louisville Slugger Series 5 LIFT EBS514-LF Player Bag
Louisville Slugger Series 5 TON EBS514-TN Wheeled Team Gear Bag
Louisville Slugger Series 5 STICK PACK EBS514-SP Player Bat Pack
DeMarini Voodoo Paradox WTD9101 Personal Equipment Backpack
DeMarini Stadium WTD9301 Personal Duffle Bag
DeMarini ID2P WTD9201 Wheeled Equipment Bag
Wilson Team Gear WTA9705 Equipment Bag
Under Armour On Deck UASBSRB Roller Equipment Bag
Under Armour Shut Out UASBSOBP Game Bat Pack
DeMarini D-Team WTD9404 Personal Equipment Bat Bag
DeMarini D-Team WTD9405 Personal Wheeled Equipment Bat Bag
Easton E900W A159003 Wheeled Equipment Bag
Easton E700W A159002 Wheeled Equipment Bag
Easton E300W A159001 Wheeled Equipment Bag
Easton E100XLP A163700 Personal Equipment Backpack
Easton E900G A159007 Wheeled Equipment Bag
Easton E500C A159008 Wheeled Catchers Equipment Bag
Easton E100G A159009 General Equipment Bag
Louisville Slugger Series 7 Stick Pack Crossover EBS7SX5 Player Bat Pack
Louisville Slugger Clubhouse Collection EBCCBP5-BK Player Bat Pack
Louisville Slugger Clubhouse Collection EBCCWS-BK Wheeled Split Level Equipment Bag
Louisville Slugger Clubhouse Collection EBCCDS5-BK Split Level Duffle Bag
Louisville Slugger Clubhouse Collection EBCCBC5-BK Personal Brief Case

Home > Equipment Bags

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Equipment Bags