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Equipment Bags

Wilson Team WTA9709 Team Catchers Equipment Bag

Mizuno Organizer OG5 360279 Personal Equipment Backpack

Mizuno MX G2 360274 Team Wheeled Equipment Bag

Mizuno Classic G2 360275 Personal Wheeled Equipment Bag

Mizuno Front Office 360277 Personal Backpack

Mizuno Front Office 360278 Personal Briefcase

Mizuno Team OG5 360280 Team Duffle Equipment Bag

Mizuno Player OG5 470174 Personal Duffle Equipment Bag

Rawlings Ball Bag RBALLB

Louisville Slugger HB1 Hanging Bat Bag

All-Star Team Bag BB6006 Team Equipment Bag

Rawlings Duffle COVERT Covert Duffle Bag

Easton A163143 Team Hanging Helmet Bag SE

Easton A163142 Team Hanging Bat Bag SE

Easton A163220 Coach's Bucket Cover SE

Easton Walk-Off A163134 Wheeled Equipment Bag

Under Armour UACEB-1RB Pro Wheeled Catching Equipment Bag

Under Armour UACEB-1 Pro Catching Equipment Bag

Easton E900C Series A163010 Wheeled Catchers Equipment Bag

Easton E700W A159002 Wheeled Equipment Bag

Easton E900G A159007 Wheeled Equipment Bag

Easton E100G A159009 General Equipment Bag

Mizuno Organizer G4 360226 Personal Equipment Batpack

Wilson Pudge WTA9720 Wheeled Catcher's Equipment Bag

Rawlings YADIWCB Wheeled Catchers Gear Bag

Louisville Slugger Series 7 RIG EBS7RG6 Wheeled Player Equipment Bag

Louisville Slugger Series 3 RIG EBS3RG6 Wheeled Player Equipment Bag

Easton Whiteout Walk-Off LE A159013LE Personal Equipment Backpack

Marucci Duffel MBTDB Personal Equipment Bag

Marucci Wheeled Gear MBWGB14 Wheeled Personal Equipment Bag

Easton E510W A159017 Wheeled Team Equipment Bag

DeMarini Special Ops WTD9409 Personal Wheeled Equipment Bag

DeMarini Grind WTD9202 Wheeled Catchers Equipment Bag

DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth WTD9105 Personal Equipment Backpack

Under Armour Hustle II UASB-HBP2 Personal Equipment Batpack

Rawlings Velo VELOBK Personal Equipment Backpack

Rawlings Player's R400 Personal Equipment Backpack

Louisville Slugger Prime Rig WTL9901 Wheeled Equipment Bag

Louisville Slugger Prime Stick WTL9902 Backpack Equipment Bag

Louisville Slugger Select Rig WTL9701 Wheeled Equipment Bag

Louisville Slugger Select Stick WTL9702 Backpack Equipment Bag

Louisville Slugger Genuine Stick WTL9302 Backpack Equipment Bag

Louisville Slugger Genuine MLB Stick WTL9302TC Backpack Equipment Bag

DeMarini BullPen WTD9302 Duffel Equipment Bag

Easton Wheeled Catchers Gear Bag E610W A159032 Wheeled Equipment Bag

Easton E310D A159034 Player Duffle Bag

Easton E610CBP Catcher's Equipment Backpack

Easton Walk-Off IV A159027 Personal Equipment Backpack

Mizuno Pro G2 360273 Personal Equipment Batpack

Rawlings Gold Glove Series R1000 Backpack Equipment Bag

Rawlings R500 Backpack Equipment Bag

Rawlings R601 Hybrid Backpack/Duffel Equipment Bag

All-Star BBL3 Equipment Duffel Bag

Marucci Elite MBEBP Personal Equipment Bat Pack

Worth XL WOXLBP Personal Equipment Backpack

Worth WOWHBG Personal Wheeled Equipment Bag

Miken XL MKBG18XL Personal Equipment Backpack

Miken Championship MKBG18CH Personal Wheeled Equipment Bag

Miken Pro Player MKBG18WB Personal Wheeled Equipment Bag

Marucci Delta MBDLBP Personal Equipment Bat Pack

Marucci Trooper MBTRBP Personal Equipment Bat Pack

Marucci Player MBPWB Personal Wheeled Equipment Bag

Marucci Quiver MBQVB Bat Bag

Easton Elite X A159900 Personal Equipment Backpack

Easton Game Ready A159037 Personal Equipment Backpack

Easton Game Ready Youth A159038 Personal Equipment Backpack

Easton Retro A159036 Personal Equipment Duffle Bag

Easton Pro X A159035 Personal Equipment Backpack

Easton Traveler A159901 Personal Stand Up Wheeled Equipment Bag

Wilson A2000 WTA2000 Personal Equipment Backpack

Wilson WTA9780 Umpire Wheeled Equipment Bag

Wilson WTA9710 Team Wheeled Equipment Bag

DeMarini Special OPs Spectre WTD9410 Personal Equipment Backpack

DeMarini Sabotage WTD9411 Personal Equipment Backpack

DeMarini Special OPs Spectre WTD9412 Personal Wheeled Equipment Bag

Louisville Slugger M9 Stick Pack WTLM901 Personal Equipment Backpack

Louisville Slugger Omaha Stick Pack WTL9504 Personal Equipment Backpack

Louisville Slugger Omaha Rig WTL9505 Personal Wheeled Equipment Bag

All-Star Pro BBPRO1A Catcher's Equipment Bag

All-Star Pro Deluxe BBPRO2A Catcher's Equipment Bag

All-Star Pro Roller BBPRO2RBA Wheeled Catcher's Equipment Bag

Rawlings Player's R600 Personal Equipment Backpack

Rawlings R1502 Wheeled Catcher Equipment Bag

DeMarini Voodoo Junior WTD9106 Personal Equipment Backpack

DeMarini Momentum 2.0 WTD9506 Personal Wheeled Equipment Bag

EvoShield Stonewall WTV9400 Personal Wheeled Equipment Bag

Easton Walk-Off Pro A159902 Personal Equipment Backpack

Easton Ghost Fastpitch A159903 Women's Equipment Backpack

Mizuno MVP X 360292 Personal Equipment Backpack

Mizuno Samurai X 360295 Personal Catchers Equipment Wheeled Bag

Mizuno Organizer X 360296 Coaches Gear & Ball Bucket

Easton Xtreme A159039 Personal Wheeled Equipment Bag

Rawlings Heart of the Hide HOHTOTE2 Travel Organizer Tote Bag

Rawlings Heart of the Hide HOHLUGTT Luggage Tag

Rawlings R1801 Wheeled Catcher's Equipment Backpack

Rawlings R800 Women's Fastpitch Softball Equipment Backpack

Rawlings R701 Training Backpack

Rawlings R700C Coach's Backpack

Under Armour Hustle Junior II T-Ball Bat Pack UASB-HJBP2

Under Armour Undeniable Baseball/Softball Bat Pack UASB-UBP

Under Armour Convergence Duffel Bat Pack UASB-CONMID

Under Armour Line Drive Roller Wheeled Equipment Bag UASB-LDRB2

Under Armour On-Deck Roller 2 Wheeled Duffel Bag UASB-ODRB2

Under Armour Undeniable Pro Baseball/Softball Bat Pack UASB-UPBP

When you play a sport such as baseball or softball, you need a lot of gear such as bats, ball gloves, cleats, batting helmets, equipment bags and much more. To store and transport all of that gear you need a great equipment bag that is up for the challenge. Fortunately, manufacturers provide a variety of baseball equipment bags and softball equipment bags ranging from players bags to hold all of the important gear a player has, to catchers gear bags which are larger bags with wheels to carry all of a catcherís gear, to team gear bags which are designed to handle all of the teamís equipment. We at HQ4SPORTS have a huge selection of equipment bags for all of your needs and also offer team pricing on bags as well. Get the equipment bag you need for the game you love today at HQ4SPORTS.
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