Fungo Bats

Fungo bats are an essential tool for coaches. Fungo bats provide an efficient way to hit both ground balls and fly balls in practice scenarios, and limit the physical exertion needed. These long, lightweight bats are perfect for extended use, and allow you to maintain accuracy with limiting effort. As materials continue to advance, your options have expanded in the type of fungo bat. Now, there are wood/composite options that further help limit the effort needed to swing and allow a more forgiving feel on contact. 

Here at HQ4Sports, we have entry-level designs to help keep you on budget, or the higher end options that allow you to get increased performance. From brands like Marucci, Mizuno, DeMarini, Louisville Slugger, and Rawlings, you are sure to find the right model for you! Browse our options below and find a Fungo that helps focus more on teaching and less on hitting!