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Rawlings 243BO Big Stick Bone Rubbed Ash Wood Baseball Bat

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Item Description

Selecting the Right Wood

A quality at-bat starts with quality wood, and this is why the game's biggest pros trust Rawlings at the plate. Rawlings' goal is to provide athletes with the most durable, balanced and high-performing bat whether it be constructed from ash or maple. Understanding the key difference between ash and maple is essential to maximizing each swing and outperforming the competition in every game.

  • Maple's closed grains are less visible and will not flake, splinter or separate, thus making it far more durable than ash
  • Maple is very dense with an 8%-10% moisture content resulting in a harder hitting surface
  • Maple can feel slightly heavier than ash due to its closed grain structure

  • As one of the strongest timbers available, ash is durable and known for its exceptional feel
  • Ash is porous and lightweight due to its open grain structure
  • Ash contains a higher moisture content (10%-12%) resulting in additional flexibility/whip

Rawlings Big Stick - 243BO - Bone Rubbed Ash Wood - New for 2012

Big Stick

With a larger hitting surface and increased sweetspot, Rawling's Big Sticks were created for athletes looking to obtain power from the size and shape of the barrel.

Bone Rubbed Ash

Rawlings has revolutionized the long-standing practice of "bone rubbing" ash bats with the introduction of new proprietary machinery and technology designed to automate the process. Uneven spots or blemishes on the wood are rubbed away resulting in a compressed, harder-hitting surface for improved offensive performance. Additionally, this process smooths out the surface which reduces the possibility of the barrel flaking.

  • Wood: Ash
  • Profile: 243
  • Barrel: Large (Big Stick)
  • Handle: 15/16"
  • Length: 32", 33", 34"
  • 243BO
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Rawlings 243BO Big Stick Bone Rubbed Ash Wood Baseball Bat
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Rawlings 243BO Big Stick Bone Rubbed Ash Wood Baseball Bat - Inset
Rawlings 243BO Big Stick Bone Rubbed Ash Wood Baseball Bat