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All-Star System7 BH3500 Solid Finish Batting Helmet

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All-Star System7 BH3500 Solid Finish Batting Helmet

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Item Description

All-Star System7 - BH3500 - Solid Finish Batting Helmet - New for 2012

The System Seven™ BH3500 helmet comes in sizes SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, and XLARGE for a more specific fit for the elite player. Firm foam against the shell absorbs the brunt of the impact while softer fitting foam conforms to the player’s head. Fabric wrapped ears for durability feature UltraCool™ moisture wicking cloth and UltraCool™ mesh fabric.

The shell is constructed with high impact resistant ABS plastic. Corrugations in shell increase the helmets strength and the large vent ports placed throughout the helmet are to keep players cool.

The shell design deflects balls away from critical areas such as the temples. The System Seven™ batting helmets provide cheek bone protection and extend down in the back to protect player’s brain stem.

Hardware is pre-mounted to the helmet making it instantly ready to attach a batting helmet face guard or batting helmet chin strap. Chin strap snap is removable.

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All-Star System7 BH3500 Solid Finish Batting Helmet - Inset
All-Star System7 BH3500 Solid Finish Batting Helmet