12.5 Inch All-Star Vela 3-Fing3r FGSBV12.5 Women's Fastpitch Softball Glove


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All-Star Vela 3-Fing3r FGSBV12.5 12.5 Inch Women's Fastpitch Softball Glove

In softball and baseball, it's common for a player to position the hand inside a glove with two fingers in the glove's pinky. This is done for numerous reasons including making a deeper pocket, to make the glove feel ‘longer', or to help avoid the index finger sting from a caught ball. This grip style on a conventional glove leaves the Index finger empty.

Three Fingers, One Huge Pocket

With so many players shifting their fingers over, leaving the index finger completely empty, All-Star designed the Vela Three Fing3r fielding glove line around this concept... and cut off the index finger! This is arguably the most original and unique design to emerge on the softball scene. Why have 4 fingers when you can have three?

Because of the glove's design, players will not notice that there are only three fingers. What will be noticeable is the huge pocket, increased fielding area, and comfort.

The 12.5" H-Web model is a great fit for outfielders who are looking for a larger glove. The web design is great for trapping and securing the ball. The 3 Fing3r design allows for a much larger pocket.

Constructed with a unique blend of lightweight performance leather, the glove has the perfect level of stiffness for a long life, but soft enough to be game ready fast. Velcro closure allows for custom fit.


  • 12.5" Fastpitch Pattern
  • H-Web
  • Pitcher/Outfield Design
  • 3 Fing3r Design
  • Deep Pocket
  • Velcro Closure
  • FGSBV12.5
  • Sizing Guide