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Baden AXE Premium Hard Ash Wood Baseball Bat

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Baden AXE Premium Hard Ash Wood Baseball Bat

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Item Description

Baden Pro Ash Series
  • Axe handle sits flush against the bottom hand for a more ergonomic fit that increases leverage and promotes a palm up/palm down swing plane. Patented.
  • Provides a hitter with a greater consistency of good swings, thus improving hitting performance.
  • Following professional league specifications, all Axe Pro Ash bats have a maximum 3 degree slope-of-grain rating. Straighter grain means less breaks and better pop.
  • All Axe Pro Ash bats are manufactured in Wisconsin using the hardest ash grown in North America. A harder bat transfers more energy to the ball, increasing your power.
  • The Axe handle aligns the wood grain on the hitting surface for optimal performance and durability. Ash bats are aligned so the EDGE-grain makes
  • contact with the ball. Making EDGE-grain contact every time will greatly reduce annual ring separation, or “flaking”. By forcing this proper alignment, Axe Pro Ash bats have greater durability than standard bats.
  • Approved for play at all levels of professional and amateur baseball

Baden AXE Premium Hard Ash Wood Baseball Bat - New for 2013

  • Patented AXE handle
  • Cupped end for great balance
  • Major League grade hardwood
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in the following turning models:
    • 110
    • 243
    • 271
  • Available in the following finish:
    • Natural
    • Black
    • Walker (Natural Handle/Black Barrel)
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Baden AXE Premium Hard Ash Wood Baseball Bat - Inset
Baden AXE Premium Hard Ash Wood Baseball Bat