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Combat CLASSAB1 Classic PR14 Adult BBCOR Baseball Bat

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Item Description

Combat CLASSAB1 Classic PR14 Adult BBCOR Baseball Bat - New for 2012

The PR14 has two sweet spots, one on the barrel and one at the cash register. You simply won't find a better composite bat at this price point. It's durable, swings easy feels great and will give you all the performance that the BBCOR rule allows!


  •  Combatís exclusive Precision Molding Technology uses precision computer-controlled machineĖhardened steel tooling to precisely control both outer and inner bat barrel diameters. Combat maintains tolerances of less than 1/1000 of an inch, which allows Combatís engineers to design barrel wall thicknesses to maximize barrel trampoline and bat performance.

  • Combat's patented Blended Fiber Technology blends several different fiber types in varying proportions at carefully controlled angles. They take advantage of the best qualities of each with the whole becoming much greater than the sum of its parts. Carbon fibers are ultra-light and have phenomenal stiffness. Combat's designers use carbon to optimize the flex and dynamic response of their bats. Glass fibers are very strong, yet flexible. This resilience is used to get more trampoline effect out of their barrel walls without sacrificing durability. Their engineers use its incredible toughness and vibration absorbing properties to enhance the soft feel of their bats.

  • Combat bats are widely renowned as having the softest feel in the industry as a result of Combatís proprietary Anisotropic Composite Technology (ACT) generated from Combatís industry-leading FEA (Finite Element Analysis) bat design software. (ACT) Unlike aluminum, composites are anisotropic which means composite bats can be designed to have different stiffnesses and strengths in different directions. Thus, Combatís Anisotropic Composite Technology varies stiffness along the handle (reducing vibrations and sting) and across the barrel (for softer feel and improved performance).

  • (VST) Combatís Variable Stiffness Technology allows Combat engineers to design lower barrel wall stiffness on both sides of the normal sweetspot, resulting in an enlarged sweetspot area by which maximum bat performance or hit distance is achieved.

  • The strength and durability of Combatís all composite bats are enhanced by Nanocomp Technology Inside (NTI) and Combatís proprietary tough liquid resin/dry fiber composite material system.(NTI) Combatís Nanocomp Technology Inside reinforces fibers and resin at the nanoscale level throughout Combatís proprietary tough liquid resin, effectively filling all relatively low strength microscopic gaps between fibers which results in a dramatic increase in bat strength and durability.

  • Precision Molding Technology
  • Blended Fibre Technology
  • Variable Stiffness Technology
  • Localized Stiffening Technology
  • Nanocomp Technology Inside
  • 100% Composite Construction
  • Anisotropic Composite Technology
  • -3oz Length to Weight Ratio
  • BBCOR Certified
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Fit Guide

Bat Size Guide-Help Selecting Baseball and Fastpitch Bat Size
  • The bat size that best fits you will be one that is comfortable, easy to swing and allows you to produce the greatest bat speed and power.
  • To obtain your optimum bat  select a bat that is not too long/heavy or too short/light.
  • A bat too short won't provide maximum power or barrel length, while a bat too long will be too difficult to handle and will also slow bat speed reducing power.
  • First begin with selecting a length. If possible use the previous bat you swung to help establish a length. For example if you used a 30 in bat and now feel that you are ready to move on to a larger bat a 31 in could be the next step.
  • You can also use the chart below for the average bat lengths based on your height, weight and age.
  • The chart below is just a guide as each player's strength and bat speed differ.
  • While the chart below was primariy designed for baseball, we have found it works fairly well for fastpitch bat sizing too. For fasptitch, however, refer to only the player height and discregard the player weight. Also, see notes at the bottom for additional notes on fastpitch bat sizing.
  • Need help selecting the proper bat size? Give us a call @ 888-854-2287.
Bat Sizing Chart

Selecting The Appropriate Bat Weight
  • The bat weight is equally as important as the length in selecting  the optimum bat size.
  • Bat weight differs greatly depending on the age range and is usually referred to as the "drop" when associated with the length and weight.
  • The drop is the difference between the length of the bat and the weight of the bat. For example if a bat is 30 in. long and weighs 20 oz. then the drop is 10. The larger the drop, the lighter the bat.
  • The average bat drop can best be broken down by age range.
Youth Bats (21/4 Inch barrel diameter)
  • Average - drop 12
  • Power Hitter - drop 10
Senior League "Big Barrel" Bats (25/8 to 23/4 Inch barrel Diameter)
  • For ages 12 and under, drop 10 is the average
  • Over age 12  range from -10oz to -5oz depending on the players strength and bat speed. 
  • *Check with your local league or organization to find out if there are any restrictions on barrel diameter or bat weight.
High School/College Bats
  • All high school or college bats are drop 3
  • Freshmen/Sophmore High School players: 31 and 32 ich are the most popular
  • Junior/Senior in High School players: 32 and 33 inch are the most popular
  • College Players:  33 is the most popular size.
Fastpitch Softball Bats
  • Age 13 and under, average drop - 11oz or 12oz.
  • Age 14 to 16, drop 10
  • Age 16 and up, Drop 8oz to 10oz. Drop 10 is still the most popular drop, but some  power hitters prefer a drop 9.
*Bat Weight is also a preference. There are some over 14 players that prefer and use lighter bats. This can vary depending on their strength or type of hitter they are (power vs slap hitter).Back to Top

Combat CLASSAB1 Classic PR14 Adult BBCOR Baseball Bat - Inset
Combat CLASSAB1 Classic PR14 Adult BBCOR Baseball Bat