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Home > Combat VIRSP5RB Rusty Bumgardner 98 Slowpitch Softball Bat - New for 2012 & ASA Approved

Combat VIRSP5RB Rusty Bumgardner 98 Slowpitch Softball Bat - New for 2012 & ASA Approved

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Item Description

Combat Rusty Bumgardner 98 - VIRSP5-RB - Adult Slowpitch Softball Bat - New for 2012

  •  Combatís exclusive Precision Molding Technology uses precision computer-controlled machineĖhardened steel tooling to precisely control both outer and inner bat barrel diameters. Combat maintains tolerances of less than 1/1000 of an inch, which allows Combatís engineers to design barrel wall thicknesses to maximize barrel trampoline and bat performance.

  • Combat's patented Blended Fiber Technology blends several different fiber types in varying proportions at carefully controlled angles. They take advantage of the best qualities of each with the whole becoming much greater than the sum of its parts. Carbon fibers are ultra-light and have phenomenal stiffness. Combat's designers use carbon to optimize the flex and dynamic response of their bats. Glass fibers are very strong, yet flexible. This resilience is used to get more trampoline effect out of their barrel walls without sacrificing durability. Their engineers use its incredible toughness and vibration absorbing properties to enhance the soft feel of their bats.


  • (VST) Combatís Variable Stiffness Technology allows Combat engineers to design lower barrel wall stiffness on both sides of the normal sweetspot, resulting in an enlarged sweetspot area by which maximum bat performance or hit distance is achieved.

  • The strength and durability of Combatís all composite bats are enhanced by Nanocomp Technology Inside (NTI) and Combatís proprietary tough liquid resin/dry fiber composite material system.(NTI) Combatís Nanocomp Technology Inside reinforces fibers and resin at the nanoscale level throughout Combatís proprietary tough liquid resin, effectively filling all relatively low strength microscopic gaps between fibers which results in a dramatic increase in bat strength and durability.


  • Combatís patented Separation Barrier Technology (SBT) allows brand new bats to exhibit maximum performance and feel, right off the rack with no break-in period necessaryóHot Out of the Wrapper. (SBT) Combatís patented Separation Barrier Technology results in completely free movement between Combat barrel walls as manufactured, requiring no break-in period.


  • Available in a Balanced or Fully Loaded model
  • 2 1/4" Barrel Diameter
  • ASA Approved
  • Multi-wall construction
  • 100% Composite design
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Combat VIRSP5RB Rusty Bumgardner 98 Slowpitch Softball Bat - New for 2012 & ASA Approved - Inset
Combat VIRSP5RB Rusty Bumgardner 98 Slowpitch Softball Bat - New for 2012 & ASA Approved