Demarini Phenix DXPNX Triple Wall Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat (-10oz)-New 2008


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This item is no longer available
  • Demarini  Phenix Composite Fastptich Softball Bat-New 2008
  • -10oz lenght to weight ratio
  • Stacked Composite Barrel: 
    • 3 Walls acting independantly for maximum trampoline effect
    • Biggest Sweet Spot in Fastpitch Softball
    •  Best Power on off-center hits
  • Flex Tuned Handle:
    •  Carbon reinforced composite CRC Flex tuned handle
    • Eliminates Vibration to increase the sweet spot and maximize total barrel performance
  • Clutch Endcap and Knob: Revolutionary Structural Support Ribs
    • Synchronized stiffness returns impact energy back to the ball
    • Removes weight for a more balanced bat
  • Model DXPNX

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