Demarini Vexxum DXVXR Senior League / Big Barrel Baseball Bat -New 2008


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  • Demarini Vexxum Senior League Baseball Bat-DXVXR-New 2008 Model
  • Flex Tuned Handle-Carbon Reinforced Composite CRC Flex-Tuned Handle eliminates vibration to increase the sweet spot and maximize total barrel performance
  • Half & Half with SC3 Barrel-Half & Half Technology with Variwall Structure Controlled SC3 Allow Barrel delivers more mass in the barrel for increased power and improved feel. Third generation performance alloy provides maximum length barrel for unmatched performance
  • Long Barrel Design-Provides the longest hitting surface in baseball to increase performance on the off-center hits
  • Light -10oz length to weight ratio
  • Big Barrel / Senior League Baseball Bat
  • Model DXVXR-8
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