2024 DeMarini ZOA USSSA Balanced Baseball Bat (-8oz) WBD2467010

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2024 DeMarini ZOA USSSA Balanced Baseball Bat (-8oz) WBD2467010

Put a charge into every swing with the 2024 DeMarini Zoa (-8) USSSA Baseball Bat, the ideal tool for stronger travel ball players chasing extra-base hits. Formed with a 2 ¾" Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel and a composite handle, Zoa’s two-piece composite construction offers elite travel ball players a forgiving feel and a lightweight swing for frequent solid contact. Zoa takes advantage of continuous fiber composite technology, rolling long strands of carbon fiber material together to create a massive, elongated barrel profile while maximizing consistency and performance at the plate.

Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel

Long, uninterrupted threads of carbon fiber composite material shaped into a barrel create superior strength and consistency across a larger optimized hitting area or sweet spot.

Anomaly Connection

Pairs the barrel with a stiff, composite handle to offer feedback while maximizing comfort, bat speed and energy transfer on contact.

Anomaly End Cap

Designed to work with composite barrels, using light and durable materials to reduce swing weights, improve bat control and optimize performance.

Player Type

Built for the well-rounded player seeking the best combination of bat speed, barrel control and power.


  • Full Composite Design
  • 2-Piece Construction
  • Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel
  • Anomaly Connection
  • Fortified Metal Compound Knob
  • Direct Connection
  • Anomaly End Cap
  • Balanced weight design
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF Certified
  • 2 3/4" barrel diameter
  • -8oz length to weight ratio
  • WBD2467010
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