Easton V12 BV1 High School / College Baseball Bat


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  • Easton V12 High School / College Baseball Bat 2009
  • 1 Piece Aluminum Construction
  • New Exclusive V12 Alloy:  Optimized levels of 12 key elements, creating a material with unsurpassed strength and toughness levels.
  • Optimized wall thickeses and barrel profiles create the hightest performing and most durable aluminum barrels
  • Easton's new Optimal Hitting Zone, O-Zone creates maximim trampoline effect along the entire length of the barrel.
  • The walls of the streamlined alloy barrel have been engineered slightly thicker at the taper and the end cap sections to stiffen those regions to increase overall barrel performance
  • Handle Flex Rating -100:  Higher number=stiffer handle
  • VRS™ Rating -80 - Higher number=less vibration
  •  Ulta Thin 15/16" tapered handle with Pro-Tack grip
  • A111469
  • Model  BV1
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