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EvoShield A120 Protective Batter's Elbow Guard

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EvoShield A120 Protective Batter's Elbow Guard

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Item Description

EvoShield Protective Gear

The force of impact is dispersed throughout the shield for ultimate protection from 97 MPH fastballs, rocket line drives, 250 pound linebackers, flagrant side tackles, bone-crushing checks, and aggressive slashes.

EvoShield's protective Shields are comprised of multiple ultra thin protective layers that disperse the force of impact rather than absorb it. Dispersion Technology allows EvoShield to minimize the bulkiness of traditional padding while providing greater protection.

EvoShield - A120 - Protective Batter's Elbow Guard

Ultra thin, lightweight, and custom molding, EvoShield's signature Batter's Elbow Guard is the newest advancement in hitting protection. Don't compromise your swing using a bulky, hockey-style elbow guard. The custom-molding Shield provides full coverage without interfering with your performance.

  • Includes the following items:
    • (1) Custom-Molding Protective Elbow Shield
    • (1) Elastic Leg Straps
  • One Size Fits Most
  • A120
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EvoShield A120 Protective Batter's Elbow Guard - Inset
EvoShield A120 Protective Batter's Elbow Guard