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HQ4Sports Official Team Scorebook HQSCORE12

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HQ4Sports Official Team Scorebook HQSCORE12


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HQ4Sports Official Team Scorebook HQSCORE12 - New for 2012

Tired of frustrating scorebooks that seem counter intuitive and confusing? Tired of feeling like you need a degree in mathematics every time you crack open the scorebook? Go ahead and toss your old scorebook in the trash and take a look at the future of scorebooks! With 5 new Write-Once ideas make this the easiest scorebook you'll ever use!

Automatic Lineup Transfer System

  • The first-of-its-kind combination of multi-part lineup card and scorebook. Write your lineup on the top copy and the carbon-less system automatically transfers your information to the other sheets - including your scoresheet. Try just one book to see for yourself how much easier this is to keep score!

Unique Lineup Card Copies

  • You'll have 3 copies of your lineup - one for the other team, one for the umpire, and one for your dugout. Each copy is designed for its intended purpose (i.e. assign fielding positions by inning by player on the dugout copy). No other multi-part lineup card has this unique feature!

Built-in Pitching Record Log

  • Document innings pitched and pitch counts by the pitcher. Space for the other team, umpire, or game official to sign and validate your records. Now you have all of your game information in one place.

The Upside Down Page

  • It's not a mistake! During field testing with scorekeepers, we discovered that flipping the book over to get to the other team's side is much easier than turning the page. So now when you flip the book over, the page won't be upside down anymore.

Mark the Batter's Count and Count Pitches at the Same Time

  • No more marking balls and strikes for the batter in one place and then ticking-off pitch counts in another. There's room for over 3,000 pitches per game so you'll never miss a pitch.

  • 12 roster spots
  • Full 24 game capacity
  • Perfect for slowpitch leagues
  • Automatic Lineup Transfer System
  • Unique Lineup Card Copies
  • Built-in Pitch Counter Log
  • Upside down page
  • Dual pitch count for batter's and pitcher's
  • HQ4SCORE12

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By Dave
Heber, Arizona
March 15, 2017
So convenient and easy.
I really like having to write out my Lineups only once. It so convenient.
By Allen
May 4, 2014
Best scorebook I've ever used by far.
ProsCan't believe someone hadn't thought of combining the scorebook and lineup cards together.
By Drew
June 18, 2012
very useful
I like it a lot
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HQ4Sports Official Team Scorebook HQSCORE12 - Inset
HQ4Sports Official Team Scorebook HQSCORE12