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JUGS A0210 5 Point Hitting Tee Softball Package

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JUGS Softball 5 Point Hitting Tee Package A0210

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Item Description

JUGS A0210 5 Point Hitting Tee Softball Package


JUGS S0100 Instant Screen
  • Huge 7' H x 8' W Screen
  • Made of sturdy lightweight spring steel
  • Folds down to a compact 36" circle
  • Weighs less than 14 lbs
JUGS A0410 5-Point Hitting Tee
  • Develops hand-eye coordination and a quick bat
  • Teaches correct hitting Fundamentals
  • Teaches hitter to use the whole field
  • Teaches correct contact points for inside, middle and outside pitches
  • Teaches double-tee, inside outside, short-stroke, level-swing and loop elimination drills
  • Trains the muscles of the body to react naturally and correctly during live hitting
  • Perfect for baseball and softball
  • 2 fully adjustable extension tubes
  • Lightweight and breaks down for easy transport
  • Comes complete with free 20 page Tee Drill Book
JUGS Optic Yellow Sting Free Softballs
  • Feels like a leather ball when hit
  • Same size and weight as leather balls
  • Will not dent aluminum bats
  • Will not sting hitters hands

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JUGS A0210 5 Point Hitting Tee Softball Package - Inset
JUGS A0210 5 Point Hitting Tee Softball Package