Louisville Slugger Advanced Design BGPG14Y Youth Baseball Batting Gloves


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Louisville Slugger Batting Gloves

Louisville Sluggerï¾'s advanced design batting glove uses innovative materials and strategic design to support the more aggressive approaches of hitting. This unique design is lighter, cooler, and less restrictive, giving players unshakable confidence at the plate. Louisville Slugger believes confidence is the most valuable tool you bring to your game.

How does it Work?

A.I.C. (Advanced Impact Composite), an impact absorbing, intelligent material, is strategically positioned over impact prone areas of the hand and wrist ヨ all without sacrificing fit, comfort, or flexibility. Impact energy is absorbed and dispersed through the A.I.C.

The Proof

The impact load generated by a 100 MPH ball is reduced to the equivalent of a 40 MPH ball. BE PROACTIVE, BE AGGRESSIVE.

Louisville Slugger Advanced Design BGP14Y Youth Baseball Batting Gloves

Confidence = Performance

  • Advanced Impact Composite (A.I.C.) - Material covers wrist, back hand and pinky finger
  • Premium Sheepskin embossed leather palm
  • Perforated Cabretta leather back for durable breathability
  • Lycra stretch zones maximize fit
  • Neoprene and TPR wrist strap
  • BGPG14-Y
  • Sizing Guide