Louisville Slugger Ash WB125YB-BW Youth Wood Baseball Bat


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Louisville Slugger Ash WB125YB-BW Youth Wood Baseball Bat

Don't make the mistake of thinking all wood bats are the same. They may look similar, but the quality of wood is very different from one wood bat company to another. Louisville slugger sets itself apart from other bat makers with over 125 years of bat making experience, outstanding turning models and the ability to offer the best quality wood on the market. This quality comes at a price. Louisville Slugger bats can be more expensive than other bats because Slugger only uses the very best timber to make their bats. With wood bats, you get what you par for. Cheaply priced wood bats usually means cheap-quality wood.

Why Ash?

Strong timber, lighter weight. Pound per pound, ash is the strongest timber available. Ash has a flexibility that isn't found in other timber like maple. It tends to flex rather than break. This give you a larger, more forgiving sweet spot in terms of breakage. Ash is lighter than maple, giving you a wider range of large barrel models. Even though ash is extremely durable, it tends to flake or delaminate after extensive use


  • Wood: 125 Ash
  • Finish: Wine Handle/Black Barrel
  • Cupped: Yes
  • WB125YB-BW
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