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Louisville Slugger MLB Prime VMH359 Maple Wood Baseball Bat

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Item Description

Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Wood Bats - New for 2013

Welcome to the new standard in Wood bats!

MLB Prime

  • The best players in the game deserve only the highest grade wood available. That's why Slugger hand selects only the best quality wood on the market, which we call MLB Primer Veneer.

Amish Craftsmanship

  • Cut to be harder, the techniques of Amish craftsmanship, square billets and hand sawing, are combined with advanced vacuum drying chambers to form the foundation for the hardest bat you can swing.

360 Degree Compression

  • Our exclusive machine compression process is far more consistent, guaranteeing 360 degrees of hardness and no soft spots. The new compression process makes a harder, more durable bat and makes bone rubbing a thing of the past.

Advanced Finish System

  • MLB Prime bats include a new, innovative finishing system. The filler fills all grains and cavities for a harder feel and appearance. Then the three layers of topcoat seal the bat and give it the hardest finish of any wood bat on the market. MLB Prime bats are 9H rated - the highest rating available on the 21 level universal hardness scale!

Louisville Slugger MLB Prime VMH359 Maple Wood Baseball Bat - New for 2013

Why Maple?

Harder hitting surface. Maple is a very dense timber with a greater surface hardness than Ash. Some players believe this hardness gives them better performance. Maple is a closed-grain timber - this makes it less prone to flake like Ash and allows for more durability. When a Maple bat breaks, it tends to snap in half rather than just splinter like Ash. The heavier weight of maple makes it difficult to make lightweight large barrel models. Most player who use maple use a model with a certain sized barrel to get the bat weight they desire.

 Maple is generally considered as more popular right now. It has become prominent over the last decade, driven by MLB players using Maple.


  • Wood: Veneer Maple
  • Turning Model: H359 Josh Hamilton Model
  • Finish: Black AFS
  • Process: Amish
  • Handle: 15/16"
  • Barrel: Extra Large
  • Compressed: Yes
  • Cupped: Yes
  • Knob Date: Yes
  • Ink Dot: Yes
  • VMH359
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Louisville Slugger MLB Prime VMH359 Maple Wood Baseball Bat - Inset
Louisville Slugger MLB Prime VMH359 Maple Wood Baseball Bat