31 Inch Louisville Slugger Omaha Select FGOS14-BGCM1 Catcher's Baseball Mitt


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Louisville Slugger

From all-time greats and future Hall of Famers, to College World Series and Olympic Champions, to the young and old who simply love to play the game - Louisville Slugger is devoted to making performance ball gloves for all levels of play.

Louisville Slugger Omaha Select FGOS14-BGCM1 31 Inch Catcher's Baseball Mitt

The transitioning player deserves better than an ordinary youth glove or hand-me-down. The Omaha Select series is designed for superior comfort and long-lasting life with patterns sized specifically for a proper fit.

  • 31" catcher pattern
  • 2-Piece Web
  • Open Back
  • Designed for the transitional player (between youth and adult play)
  • Game-ready soft leather
  • Genuine Cowhide Leather
  • Sizing Guide