11.5 Inch Louisville Slugger TPS Pro Series PRO4AS Infield Fastpitch Softball Glove


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Louisville Slugger TPX Pro Series Ball Gloves
  • Maruhashi (Japanese-tanned) leather for superior, lightweight feel and durability
  • Oil-treated for quicker break-in and softer feel
  • Dye-throughlacing for durability
  • A great glove, pro level ball glove for only the elite players

Louisville Slugger TPS Pro Series - PRO4AS - 11.5 Inch Infield Fastpitch Softball Glove
  • Limited Edition
    • Glove designed and made for NCAA Division 1 programs that Louisville Slugger sponsors
    • Louisville Slugger wanted to design a MLB quality ball glove for middle infield Fastpitch play
    • Never displayed in their catalog, since it is a custom designed glove
    • Only the elite Division 1 Fastpitch athletes have used this model
  • 11.5 inch infield pattern
  • Single post open web
  • Conventional open back
  • PRO4A
  • Sizing Guide