12.5 Inch Mizuno Franchise Softball Series GFN1253 Slowpitch Softball Glove

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Mizuno Franchise Softball Series

Mizuno's new Slowpitch Softball specific series features comfortable, hand based patterns. Also new in this series, the Adjust A Size wrist closure provides a personalized fit for any size hand.

Parashock Plus

Parashock is Mizuno's exclusive palm pad absorbs the shock of repeated use providing outstanding protection and ideal comfort. Also features the Ortholite Core Palm Pad for added comfort and durability.


PalmSoft incorporates padded pigskin in the palm of the glove for increased feel and comfort.

Hi-Low Lacing

Increases flexibility throughout the web

Mizuno Franchise Softball Series - GFN1253 - 12.5 Inch Slowpitch Softball Glove - New for 2012
  • 12.5 Inch Pattern
  • Hi-Low Lacing
  • Parashock Plus
  • Ortholite Core Palm Pad
  • Adjust A Size
  • Tartan X Web
  • GFN1253
  • 311644
  • Sizing Guide