No Errors The Blue Umpires Bag - GGBBLUE10 - Umpires Equipment Bag


$149.88 $349.95
No Errors The Blue - GGBBLUE10 - The Blue Umpires Bag - Brand New Product

The Blue Umpires bag is a great way for any umpire to travel. This bag features a garment compartment that allows for hanging clothes in order to keep clothes pressed. Also included in this bag is a front locker system that keeps items stored away in an organized fashion. This unique bag will also allow for the shin guards to be stores away from the rest of the items in your bag to keep accessories from getting dirty while also providing easy access. The BLUE also includes the FATBOY WHEELS with its NEW 3 YEAR WHEEL WARRANTY.

  • Garment Compartment allowing clothes to remained pressed
  • Front locker system
  • Allows shin guards to be stored away from the rest of the contents
  • FatBoy wheels with 3 year warranty
  • Sizing Guide