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12.75 Inch Rawlings Heart of the Hide Women's Fastpitch Softball Glove PRO1275SB6BSS


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Rawlings Heart of the Hide 12.75 Inch Women's Fastpitch Softball Glove PRO1275SB6BSS

Softball players can expect the same quality in Rawlings Heart of the Hide® softball gloves that they have come to appreciate for baseball. Extensive research with Rawlings Advisory Schools developed a variety of options and patterns to improve control and player performance for any position.


  • 12.75" fastpitch pattern
  • Pro H Web
  • Heart of the Hide Leather
  • Explicitly designed for fastpitch play
  • Narrow fit designed for women
  • Pull Strap
  • Wool Blend Padding
  • Black/White Hyper Shell
  • Thermoformed BOA, GD Synthetic BOA
  • Deertouch padded thumb loops
  • Rolled leather welting
  • Pro padding for pocket formation and shape retention for customized feel
  • Deertanned cowhide "plus" palm lining
  • Soft leather finger back lining
  • USA-tanned leather lacing for durability
  • PRO1275SB6BSS
  • Sizing Guide