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Rawlings LG950Z Adult Leg Guards

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Rawlings LG950Z Adult Leg Guards Powered by Zoombang

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Item Description

Rawlings LG950Z Adult Leg Guards
  • Zoombang knee padding for added protection
  • Adjustable knee insert for a customized fit
  • Conforming lightweight design for confort and mobility
  • Tripple knee design for protection
  • Pattented Supertoe for ultimate instep protection
  • Premium riveted design for durability
  • Adult 16" size designed for age 15 and up

Zoombang Technology:
  • The unique Zoombang visco-elastic polymer is a semi-solid plastic like material that is extremely soft as rest and will conform to any shape. However, it will instantly change characteristics and behave as a solid when impact is applied
  • Zoombang is soft and fluid-like to the touch. Upon impact Zoombang's molecules lock together, spreading the shock to provide maximum protection. After impact, zoombang returns to it's soft solid like state.
  • Zoombang dissipates up to 60% more energy then foams and gels and is also 40% lighter than gels
  • Zoombang dramatically improves the fit and comfort of traditional pads while absorbing up to 80% of impact force.
  • Zoombang is non-toxic, won't dry out, freeze, or melt

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Fit Guide

Catcher's Gear Sizing Chart

Helmets - How to find your hat size
  • Place a measuring tape around your head just above the ears (Like you would place a hat on your head).
  • Take the total circumference (distance around) in inches and match it to the chart below.
  • For example: If your head measured 221/2 inches, your hat size would be 71/8.
24  241/2
 Hat Size:
65/8 63/4 67/8 7 71/8 71/4 73/8 71/2 75/8 73/4 77/8 8

Chest Protector
  • To determine the correct size of chest protector, measure from the collar bone to the bottom of the torso.
  • Match the measurement in inches to the size listed in the product description.
Leg Guards
  • To determine the correct size of leg guards, measure from the middle of the kneecap to the ankle.
  • Match the measurement in inches to the size listed in the product description.
Knee Savers
  • To determine the size of knee saver you need measure your overall height
  • Size Large typically fits those who are 5' 8" & up
  • Size Small typically fits those who are 5' 7" & below

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Rawlings LG950Z Adult Leg Guards - Inset
Rawlings LG950Z Adult Leg Guards