12 Inch Rawlings R9 Contour Youth Baseball Glove R9120U-6BT

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Rawlings R9 Contour 12 Inch Youth Baseball Glove R9120U-6BT

Contour Fit

“Fits like a glove" is a popular saying for good reason. Fit is paramount and we're constantly developing and designing the perfect fit for every  player and hand size. Extensive research and testing revealed a need for a specific pattern tailored to smaller, thinner hands. Contoured to fit you, we didn't overlook a single piece of making this pattern. Get your hands on a Contour pattern – fit for UR game.

Rawlings 2023 Spring Collection
  • 12"  pattern
  • Pro H Web
  • Conventional back
  • Black/Tan
  • Contour Fit
  • Soft, durable all-leather shell designed to be game-ready
  • Padded thumb loop for added comfort
  • Padded fingerback liners for a soft, comfortable feel
  • Pro style patterns
  • Reinforced palm pad for impact reduction
  • R9120U-6BT
  • Sizing Guide