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11.25 Inch Rawlings Revo Solid Core 950 Series 9SC112CF Infield Baseball Glove

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Item Description

Rawlings Revo Solid Core 950 Series

The patent-pending REVO SOLID CORE Technology features OPTI-FIT, a new innovation designed to improve how the glove fits the hand, resulting in enhanced grip, maximum command and optimal feel. Matched with a laceless heel, the 1-piece palm construction revolutionizes the traditional way a glove is assembled, providing the player with ultimate control. These features allow the glove to break-in quicker than traditional ball gloves.

Custom Player Technology
A glove should be an extension of a player's hand, as it represents both his identity and his weapon and is as unique as his fingerprint. Building on that insight, Rawlings developed a revolutionary glove series that considers the various ways players closer their glove: fingers-to-palm, thumb-to-index/middle finger or thumb-to-ring/little finger.

Combined with Rawling's proprietary Custom Player Technology, Rawlings' new REVO SOLID CORE construction allows each player to match his or her catching style to one of three patterns: Deep Pocket, Standard Pocket, or Flat Pocket to optimize fielding performance.

Deep Pocket: Thumb-To-Ring/Little Finger
Deep pocket designs work best for the player who catches one-handed and wants a deep-breaking pocket. Pitchers, third basemen and outfielders typically choose gloves with deep pockets.

Standard Pocket: Thumb-To-Index/Middle Finger
Standard pocket designs were created for the player who catches with one hand and doesn't want a deep pocket. This is the most popular pattern for shortstops.

Flat Pocket: Finger-To-Palm
A Flat pocket design is utilized by fielders who consistently use two hands when fielding and desire a shallow pocket in order to get the ball out of the glove as quickly as possible. Flat patterns are widely favored by second basemen.


  • REVO SOLID CORE Construction
    • Revolutionary REVO SOLID CORE construction improves the fit of the glove resulting in maximum control.
  • Easy Break Design
    • The REVO SOLID CORE pattern allows the glove to close easier than traditional gloves.
  • Laceless Heel
    • Traditional gloves use laced heels to close the glove. The laceless heel design eliminates the laces that add stiffness to the glove, resulting in an easier close
  • Laceless Pocket
    • The REVO SOLID CORE construction eliminates pocket laces enabling the glove to better fit the palm of your hand.
  • Customized Pocket Depth
    • Gloves include player specific pockets designed for each athlete's unique style of play.
  • Signature REVO SOLID CORE Oval-R Design
    • Each glove features the Rawlings REVO SOLID CORE Oval-R brand.
  • Rawlings' Arch Back Design
    • All REVO SOLID CORE gloves utilize this Rawlings-exclusive construction style.
  • Pro Patterns
    • Gloves are created with position specific patterns to maximize performance.
  • Material
    • Pro select, oil tanned shell leather
    • Deer-tanned cowhide palm lining
    • Cushioned leather fingerback lining
    • USA tanned pro laces

Rawlings Revo Solid Core 950 Series - 9SC112CF - 11.25 Inch Infield Baseball Glove - New for 2012
  • 11.25 inch infield model
  • Pro "I" web
  • Flat 116 pocket
  • Conventional Back
  • 9SC112CF

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11.25 Inch Rawlings Revo Solid Core 950 Series 9SC112CF Infield Baseball Glove - Inset
11.25 Inch Rawlings Revo Solid Core 950 Series 9SC112CF Infield Baseball Glove