Fastpitch Softball Bats

Demarini fastpitch softball bats have a long tradition dating back to 1989 when Ray Demarini founded Demarini-a company that was dedicated to providing softball players the hottest, most technologically advanced bats available. This desire to make the best softball bats was originally aimed at Men's softball but with the explosion of fastpitch softball, Demarini began to apply this technology to Demarini fastpitch bats. Technology such as their Doublewall design which increases the sweet spot on the barrel and maximizes performance. Their patented Half-n-Half design allows them to use multiple materials to tune the bats so the handles bend creating a whip-like action to increase bat speed and power. Today Demarini Fastpitch softball bats are one of the most popular high performance bats available. Bats like the Demarini CF4 and the Demarini Vendetta C6 Single wall have become a fastpitch softball player's go- to bat with the game on the line. Buy a Demarini fastpitch bat today from HQ4SPSORTS and take your game to the next level!