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Demarini Slow Pitch Softball Bats revolutionized the sport of slowpitch softball. Before Demarini slowpitch softball bats were 1 piece aluminum alloy bats. These tended to be more for durability than for performance. In 1989 Demarini created the Ultimate Weapon and made a higher performing single wall bat by making it from C405 aluminum which gave it better performance. Shortly after the Slowpitch Softball world would be turned upside down with the invention of the double wall softball bat that dramatically increased performance and greatly increased the sweet spot on the bat. Since then, Demarini has continued to innovate with the introduction of bats like the Demarini The One, Juggernaut, J2, the White Steel and their Ultimate Weapon. Demarini continues to cater to the slowpitch softball player wanting the best performance that pushes the limit of performance and providing the best slowpitch softball bats in the game. HQ4SPORTS is your source for the purchase of your next Demarini slowpitch softball bats, like the J2, The One, Ultimate Weapon and F4. Shop affordable Demarini bats today!
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