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Louisville Slugger began making wood bats for professional and recreational baseball players in 1884. There is a reason the first name you think of in bats you think of are Louisville Slugger wood bats. It is because they were the first company to make wood baseball bats, have made the most wood bats, and to this day make more wood bats than any other company. If you go to the Baseball Hall of Fame, you will see the majority of the baseball legends-Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Hank Aaron and hundreds more, used Louisville wood bats. With a variety of turning models with varying barrel diameters, handle diameters in both Ash and Maple Louisville Slugger wooden bats provide the most options in getting the best wood bat for you. There is nothing like the sound or the feel of a perfectly struck baseball from a wood bat. Trust the bat more MLB players trust…get genuine Louisville Slugger wood bats from HQ4SPORTS.
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