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Under Armour Windpact Adult Classic Pro Catcher's Facemask UAFM2-WPZoom

Under Armour Windpact Adult Classic Pro Catcher's Facemask UAFM2-WPNew

Under Armour Windpact Adult Classic Pro Catcher's Facemask UAFM2-WP

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Under Armour Windpact Adult Classic Pro Catcher's Facemask UAFM2-WP

Under Armourís Catcherís Mask is empowered with Windpactís Crash Cloud technology, amplifying the benefit of the protective gear by in- creasing the level of impact protection, without sacrificing its ability to perform, degree of comfort or sense of style. Windpactís Extensive testing has shown that head gear empowered with Crash Cloud technology absorb and disperse impact energy far more effectively than traditional pad- ding solutions. Inspired by the science used to protect infants during car crashes, each Crash Cloud automatically adjusts to manage a wide range of impact rates, from soft bumps that only need minimal energy transfer to hard impacts requiring maximum energy transfer.

Performance: Safety shouldnít come at the cost of limited visibility, increased weight or added bulk. Therefore, the Crash Cloud system was designed to be nonintrusive, lightweight and adaptable, ensuring that a productís ability to protect doesnít interfere with the userís ability to perform.

Comfort: Impact protection has been based on energy absorption through additional padding. This increased bulk leads to hot, heavy, uncomfortable gear. Windpact reimagined the problem to create a soft, lightweight system of airbags that is as comfortable as it is powerful.

Style: Crash Cloudís system-based approach empowers product designers to conceptualize and develop equipment that performs as well on the field as it does in the mirror. No longer will people have to make the choice between style or safety.


  • Forehead and chin pads empowered with Windpact Crash Cloud technology
  • Air bladder system adapts to wide range of impact speeds to absorb energy
  • Synthetic moisture wicking fabric
  • I-Bar Vision hollow steel flat bar cage for great vision and increased strength.
  • Anti-slip neoprene facemask harness included.
  • Weight: 22 oz
  • UAFM2-WP


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