12 Inch Wilson A2000 Game Model WTA20RF19SR32GM Sierra Romero Infield Fastpitch Softball Glove


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Wilson A2000 Game Model WTA20RF19SR32GM 12 Inch Sierra Romero Infield Fastpitch Softball Glove

Raise Your Game

A serious glove for a serious ballplayer. The Fastpitch A2000 line-up is created with the Custom Fit System so that every fastpitch player can have a glove that  ts her hand—no matter how tight she wears it. The superior feel and durability come from the premium ProStock leather that breaks in perfectly and lasts from one season to the next.

Pro Stock Select Leather

Made specifically for Wilson ball gloves, this American Steerhide is preferred by professional players for its rugged durability and an unmatched feel.

Wilson Custom Fit System

Designed for optimal break-in. No creases, no matter how tight a player wears the glove.

No Sting Zone

Honeycomb Cell padding just below the pocket to absorb the shock of hard line drives and screaming throws.

Comfort Wrist Closure

The new hook and loop wrist closure system offers a secure and comfortable fit.

Sierra Romero Game Model

Sierra Romero represents the best in the game. It only makes sense she carries one of the hottest gamers. Her A2000 SR32 GM features grey SuperSkin with sharp navy and red accents – the type of glove that will turn heads as often as Sierra does with her plays.

PLEASE NOTE: Pros often customize their equipment. This consumer product may vary from the model customized by a pro for game-play


  • 12" Infield Pattern
  • Pro Stock Select Leather
  • Dual Post Web
  • Sierra Romero Game Model
  • SuperSkin Back

    • 2x stronger than cowhide leather and only 1/2 the weight
  • Wilson Custom Fit System
  • No Sting Zone
  • Comfort Wrist Closure
  • WTA20RF19SR32GM
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