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11.5 Inch Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit SuperSkin Infield Baseball Glove WBW101398115

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Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit SuperSkin 11.5 Inch Infield Baseball Glove WBW101398115

Since its introduction in 1957, the A2000 has evolved with the game year after year. Durable Pro Stock leather offers a consistent feel and allows for a detailed break-in process. Comfort Pro Fit features a supple leather Comfort Sleeve in the wrist binding and a Pro Lux leather palm lining that forms to the player’s hand over time, making the A2000 feel like an extension of the body. Flat Finger Binding allows players to comfortably take the field with a finger outside the glove for improved control, and the Bold Logo package is built to stand out. The A2000 lineup includes patterns with innovations like SuperSkin, Spin Control Technology and Pedroia Fit, ensuring there is an option for every player.

Pedroia Fit

Find the glove to fit your game. Perfect for players with smaller hands, Wilson gloves with Pedroia Fit are designed with shorter finger stalls
and a narrower wrist opening to create a secure feel. Pedroia Fit is available in several Pro Stock models, so every position player can have a glove that fits their play.

Pro-Stock Leather

Wilson’s iconic Pro Stock Leather is preferred for its rugged durability and unmatched feel.

Rolled Dual Welting

Rolled Dual Welting is integrated into the liner of Wilson gloves, offering better support and helping your glove maintain its shape over time.

Comfort Pro Lining

Comfort Pro Lining, featuring ProLux Leather, has a richer, softer feel that molds to your hand over time.

Flat Finger Binding

Flat Finger Binding allows you to comfortably play with a finger out, giving players more control over their glove.


  • 11.5" infield Pattern
  • H-Web
  • SuperSkin Construction
    • SuperSkin is a carefully tested and refined microfiber material, perfected to deliver ultimate durability at the lightest weight possible. It repels moisture to keep your glove from getting bogged down by the weight of rain or wet grass. For years, other manufacturers have tried to create their own version of SuperSkin using ballistic nylon, molded materials and more–only to come up short time after time.
  • Pedroia Fit
    • SECURE FIT: Designed for players with smaller hands, Pedroia Fit offers a secure feel
    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Pedroia Fit gloves feature shorter finger stalls and a narrower wrist opening than other pro caliber ball gloves, ensuring players with smaller hands have a well- fitting glove.
    • PRO STOCK LEATHER: Pedroia Fit is available in several Pro Stock® models, giving players plenty of options to find the perfect glove.
  • Rolled Dual Welting
  • Comfort Pro Lining
  • Flat Finger Binding
  • Blonde/Black/White Pro Stock Leather / Black SuperSkin
  • WBW101398115
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