12 Inch Wilson A2000 SuperSkin WTA20RF15B14SS Women's Fastpitch Softball Firstbase Mitt


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Wilson A2000 Fastpitch SuperSkin

Introducing the all new, completely redesigned Fastpitch A2000s! All softball patterns now include the new Custom Fit System. As the glove breaks in and is tightened, it maintains its shape and provides a snug fit. This improvement provides a better fit throughout the life of the glove. Combine that with Wilson's best-in-class construction and player inspired innovation, and you've got the best softball glove in the world.

The A2000 SuperSkin glove series from Wilson combines Pro Stock Leather with a stronger, lighter and softer man-made material, SuperSkin. SuperSkin is used on the back of the glove to shorten break-in time, lower your reaction time and repel moisture.

Pro Stock Leather

American Steerhide prized by professional players for its rugged durability and unmatched feel. It's the perfect ball glove leather.


Demanded by top athletes - it's 2x stronger than cowhide leather, but only 1/2 the weight.

Strategic Design

Leather where you need it, SuperSkin where you don't.

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin WTA20RF15B14SS 12 Inch Women's Fastpitch Softball Firstbase Mitt

  • 12" fastpitch 1B pattern
  • Dual Post Web
  • New Comfort Hook and Loop Wrist Closure
  • SuperSkin
  • Pro Stock Leather
  • WTA20RF15B14SS
  • Sizing Guide