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11.5 Inch Wilson A2K Adult Infield Baseball Glove WBW101373115

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Wilson A2K 11.5 Inch Adult Infield Baseball Glove WBW101373115

Legendary A2K

Meticulously engineered, the A2K is unrivaled among ball gloves. No detail is too small to Wilson Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso and the experts who designed the A2K for elite players, using the most premium materials and innovative technologies available in modern ball gloves. Flawless Pro Stock Select leather is sorted three times to remove blemishes or imperfections, and each A2K features Double Palm Construction–a strategically placed layer of leather in the palm to stabilize and maintain the pocket. Rolled Dual Welting reinforces the glove’s shape, and innovations like light- weight SuperSkin and patented Spin Control Technology offer extra advantages on the field.

Pro Stock Leather

Wilson craftsmen triple-sort Pro Stock Select Leather hides for consistency and flawlessness, using only the top five percent of materials in A2K ball gloves. The result is an incomparable break-in and long-lasting shape.

Rolled Dual Welting

Thin strips of Pro Stock leather are skived thin and rolled to provide long-lasting shape and an unparalleled break-in. 

Double Palm Construction

A thin, perfectly shaped piece of leather placed between the palm liner and outer shell, giving you what matters most: maximum pocket stability.

3X More Shaping

Our expert craftsmen spend three times longer pounding and shaping the A2K by hand, helping reduce break-in time.


  • 11.5" infield pattern
  • H Web
  • Pro Stock Leather
  • Rolled Dual Welting
  • Flat Finger Binding
  • Double Palm Construction
  • 3x More Shaping
  • Blonde/Black/White Pro Stock Select leather
  • WBW101373115
  • Sizing Guide