30 Inch Wilson Trainer Adult Catcher Training Mitt WBW10099630

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Wilson Trainer Adult 30 Inch Catcher Training Mitt WBW10099630

The training glove lineup is designed to help players step up their defensive play, no matter their position on the diamond. Crafted with Full Grain leather, these training gloves mirror A2000 glove patterns in smaller sizes to help players shore up their defensive skills.


  • Catcher's 30" Training Pattern
  • Half Moon Web
  • Full Grain Leather Construction: Soft feel without unnecessary bulk.
  • Drawstring Closure: Make quick adjustments on the fly and ensure a secure fit on the field. Pull the rawhide laces to set your wrist closure into place.
  • A2000 Patterns: Smaller versions of the pro style gloves players love.
  • Black/White/Red Color Scheme
  • WBW10099630
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