Worth Legit SB43S Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat


$249.95 $299.95
Worth Legit SB43S Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat - New for 2014

Legit Power Core

Worth's Power Molding Process trims wasted material creating the purest composite layer on the market. The process removes voids in performance making a leaner, higher performing barrel than ever before.

HMF Technology

New Carbon Fiber material using High Modulus Fiber Technology on the outer layer. Fibers with smaller diameter allow more individual fibers to be woven together in the same amount of space resulting in amplified strength for greater performance and extended lifetime of the bat.

454 Tech

Worth's patented 454™ technology extends the sweetspot two inches in BOTH directions, giving the player the largest, most reactive sweetspot in the industry.

Flex Fifty Technology

Flex Fifty Technology for increased flex and whiplash through impact.

Balanced Design

Offers the most true-to-weight feel. Balanced bats are perfect for hitters seeking maximum bat control through the zone.


  • Legit Power Core
  • HMF Technology
  • Full composite design
  • 454 Tech
  • Flex Fifty Technology
  • Balanced weight design
  • 2 1/4" Barrel Diameter
  • Senior Softball design
  • Approved for use in SPA, SSUSA, LVSSA
  • SB43S
  • Sizing Guide