Worth Liberty Advanced - LA120B - 12 Inch Baseball/Softball Glove


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Worth Liberty Advanced

The updated design and cosmetics of the professional Liberty Advanced series sets the lead off standard fro excellent shape retention and enhanced fielding performance. The patterns have been designed for the elite softball and baseball player with features that will improve comfort and fit. Liberty Advanced gloves feature USA tanned shell leather that requires minimal break in time. The palm lining leather is the same leather that is used for the outer shell of the glove. This allows the lining and shell to break in at the same rate creating the perfect pocket.

  • USA tanned shell leather and pro-grade lace
  • Full grain, cushioned finger back linings
  • Custom fitting pull straps found on most softball patterns
  • Moldable padding helps to form the pocket

Worth Liberty Advanced - LA120B - 12 Inch Baseball/Softball Glove - New for 2011
  • 12.75 inch baseball/softball pattern
  • Modified closed back with pull straps
  • Closed woven web
  • Available in right and left hand throw
  • LA120B
  • Sizing Guide