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Zepp Baseball ZA1B2NA 3D Motion Sensor Baseball Kit

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Zepp Baseball ZA1B2NA 3D Motion Sensor Baseball Kit

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Item Description

Zepp Baseball ZA1B2NA 3D Motion Sensor Baseball Kit

Track. Analyze. Compare. Improve.

Zepp is a powerful training platform that includes a multi-sport sensor and free app.

Measure the most important aspects of your swing, then analyze and improve each one. Zepp offers an incredible set of 3D and video analysis features that give you instant feedback. You can even compare your swing to the pros. All on your mobile device!

These new video analysis features together with the Zepp multi-sport senor deliver the most powerful platform for capturing your 3D swing data to analyze and improve your game.

Wirelessly connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth 2.1 technology. See below for approved devices.

3D Analysis Features:

3D Swing

Analyze and perfect your swing. See what really happens during your swing and compare your technique to the best.

Bat Speed

Add more power to your game. Learn how to get more bat lag in your swing and max your bat speed at impact.

Hand Speed

Get to any pitch with quicker hands. Increase your chances of success by developing lightning quick hands to get your bat in the hitting zone sooner.

Time to Impact

Give yourself more time to react. Build a short and compact swing that allows you to see the ball longer and swing at better pitches.

Attack Angle

Stay long in the zone and square up more pitches. Get your bat on a a path for success to hit line drives more consistenly.

Vertical Angle

Master the ability to hit all fields. Learn how to control your bat and stay inside the ball when you swing.

Video Analysis Features:

Pro Swing

View a pro's swing. Watch HD swing footage of top Major League hitters from different angles.


Record your swing. Record HD video of your swing at up to 120 frames per second.

Compare to the Pros

Compare video of your swing side-by-side with Mike Trout and others.


Bluetooth 2.1

Zepp connects wirelesly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device.


iOS: iOS 7.0+ / iPhone 4S+ / iPod Touch 5th Generation+ / iPad 2nd Generation+
Android: OS 4.1+

Technical Specs:

  • In the Box:
    • Zepp Senor
    • Bat Mount (works with all bats)
    • Charger
  • Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 Technology
  • Size (Sensor):
    • Height - 0.4"
    • Length - 1.1"
    • Width - 1.1"
    • Weight: .27oz / 7.7g
  • Size (Mount):
    • Height - 1.7"
    • Length - 1.3"
    • Width - 1.3"
    • Weight: .46oz / 13.1g
  • Sensors: Dual Accelerometers / 3-Axis Gyroscope
  • Memory: Flash Storage (Holds up to 2,000 Swings)
  • Battery: Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
    • Charge Time: 2.5 Hour Cycle
    • Battery Life: Up to 8 Hours
  • Compatibility:
  • ZA1B2NA
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Zepp Baseball ZA1B2NA 3D Motion Sensor Baseball Kit - Inset
Zepp Baseball ZA1B2NA 3D Motion Sensor Baseball Kit